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I have a bunch of new photos from Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Krabi, and I’ll have a boatload coming from Angkor Wat as soon as I can get them up.

The whole family came out for a few weeks and we toured the Palace and a few wats in Bangkok, caught a few more wats in Chiang Mai and took in some muay thai and a cooking course, and saw some really amazing beaches in Krabi (we also got to do a bit of climbing).

I also have some photos up from Koh Tao and Koh Samui. Just click on the links under “My Photos” to have a look.


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This is the view from the rooftop bar on the 60th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel in Bangkok. We got there at 5:00 and stayed until about 8ish, so we got some pictures at early evening when there was still daylight and then we took some after dark when the city was all lit up. We also got to experience a Bangkok sunset, which basically consisted of us trying to locate the sun as the smog turned to a nice shade of orange.

If you look closely, you can just make out the sun on the horizon.

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On my last night in Bangkok before shipping off to Chaiyaphum, we decided to treat ourselves to a bit of luxury at a place called Vertigo on the roof of the Banyan Tree Hotel. It’s an open-air rooftop bar that sits 60 stories above the city, and the views are incredible.

The place was full of people pretending to be posh, so we actually fit in nicely. I ordered the cheapest drink I could find (a $9 mojito) and spent about three hours drinking it (I know, I’m classy). But Simon ordered a bottle of wine, which made all of us feel better about staying there for hours snapping photos of the city with our little 5-megapixel cameras.

If you’re ever in Bangkok, check this place out for at least one drink. For the price of two or three drinks on Khosan Rd., you can spend a few hours at one of the top 20 bars in the world.

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